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About Dr. Fatima

Welcome to our haematology practice, where ​expertise meets compassion. With over 12 ​years of experience as a haematology ​consultant, we're dedicated to providing ​comprehensive care and innovative solutions ​to patients worldwide. Our commitment to ​excellence is fueled by a passion for ​improving lives through advanced medical ​care.

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Our Commitment to ​Excellence

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At Dr. Fatima's Haematology ​Consultancy, we are dedicated to ​delivering the highest standards of ​care to our patients. From accurate ​diagnoses to personalized treatment ​plans, every aspect of our practice is ​guided by a commitment to excellence.

In an ever-evolving field like ​haematology, staying at the forefront of ​advancements is crucial. I am deeply ​committed to ongoing education and ​professional development, ensuring ​that my patients benefit from the latest ​research, technologies, and treatment ​modalities available.

Our approach to care is centered ​around the unique needs and ​preferences of each individual patient. ​We take the time to listen, understand, ​and collaborate with our patients to ​develop tailored treatment plans that ​prioritize their well-being and quality of ​life.

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My Services

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Comprehensive Haematological Care

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Diagnosis and ​Management of ​Blood Disorders

Offering thorough diagnostic ​evaluations and personalized ​treatment plans for conditions such as ​anaemia, bleeding disorders, and ​thrombosis.

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Hematopoietic Stem ​Cell Transplantation

Guiding patients through the process ​of stem cell transplantation for various ​haematological disorders, with a focus ​on achieving optimal outcomes and ​improving quality of life.

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Haematological ​Malignancies

Specializing in the diagnosis and ​treatment of various cancers of the ​blood and bone marrow, including ​leukaemia, lymphoma, and multiple ​myeloma.

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Transfusion ​Medicine

Providing expertise in blood ​transfusion therapy, ensuring safe and ​effective transfusion practices for ​patients in need.

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Why Choose Me?

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Experience and Expertise

With over 12 years of experience as a haematology ​consultant, I bring a depth of knowledge and skill to every ​patient interaction. My extensive training and ​specialization in haematology, coupled with a ​commitment to ongoing learning, ensure that my patients ​receive the highest quality of care.


Compassionate Care

Beyond expertise, I believe in providing care with ​compassion. I understand that navigating haematological ​conditions can be daunting, and I strive to create a ​supportive and empathetic environment where patients ​feel valued and heard.

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Comprehensive Services

From diagnosis to treatment and ongoing management, ​Dr. Fatima's Haematology Consultancy offers a wide ​range of services to address diverse haematological ​needs. Whether you require assistance with blood ​disorders, haematological malignancies, transfusion ​medicine, or stem cell transplantation, you can trust in our ​expertise and dedication to deliver personalized care ​tailored to your unique circumstances.

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